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ICHIKAWA (Taikoo Shing)
Business Hours : Monday - Sunday :
11:30am - 11:00pm
Tel :
Address :
2967 9678
Shop 262, 2/F, Cityplaza 2, Taikoo Shing, HK

ICHIKAWA Japanese Restaurant is well renowned for its superior service, bold dishes and commitment to providing its guests with an extraordinary culinary experience.

Since its opening in 1995, ICHIKAWA has proven to be unrivaled in delighting its customers with varied and innovative cuisine. Conveniently located in the hub of Hong Kong, the restaurant gained great popularity and love amongst its cherished customers over the years as a result of its dedication to introducing exquisite Japanese tastes and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Courage, respect, honesty, loyalty and honour - all essential components of the Bushi ethos form the foundational principles that ICHIKAWA is managed and operated by. Through a special bond between ICHIKAWA’S founder and the Japanese Bushi clan, the restaurant has been entrusted with the samurai family’s respected emblem to represent the Bushido spirit that permeates in the exemplary service of its staff. All of its employees exhibit an unwavering commitment to professionalism and adherence to strict standards.

The stylish decor accented with nature's inspiration adds a unique dimension to the dining experience at ICHIKAWA. The establishment’s huge stone walls and the small Japanese rock garden echo one another, creating a tranquil haven within this busy city. From the panelled wooden pillars to its plush blue beige suites, ICHIKAWA is infused with an ambience both elegant and comfortable. The French windows featuring bold metal frames and textured glass screen snot only enhance the sense of space and exquisite transparence, but further highlight the Zen-like atmosphere as they compliment with the wooden walls. Coupled with a pleasant lighting effect, the whole ambience is orchestrated to be stylish and relaxed, a harmonious accompaniment to the well sought-after dining experience.

Food is taken seriously here at ICHIKAWA, from the selection of ingredients to its preparation; the restaurant pays special attention to bringing the finest quality and diversity to its discriminating patrons. To provide an impressive array of sushi and sashimi, fresh and seasonal seafood is flown in directly from Japan. Succulent lamb chops from New Zealand, creamy foie gras from France as well as marbled A4 Wagyu from Japan and Angus Beef from the United States are also readily available as the restaurant takes great care in offering the best from around the world. With the availability of such prime ingredients, the experienced chefs are able to effectively demonstrate the exquisite art and style of Japanese cuisine.

One of the biggest draws for the restaurant is its teppanyaki grill that appeals to diners of all ages. With impressive "live" cooking skills, the teppanyaki chef is an expert at stretching your culinary experiences to the fullest through stimulating your appetite with mouth-watering aromas, as well as exciting your palate with incredibly delicious dishes. To name a few, the grilled items include buttery Hiroshima oysters, melt-in-your-mouth Japan Wagyu, crunchy fresh greens and more. Without a doubt, the teppanyaki grill is a feast as much for the eyes as for the taste buds.

Just as the temptation of the teppanyaki grill is too strong to resist, so are the restaurant's selected varieties of sake, shochu and wines too good to miss. ICHIKAWA features a discrete corner bar and a huge cellar well-stocked with perfect pairings for every dish served on the menu. You can easily enhance your dining enjoyment by matching them with culinary delights such as crispy Tempura Prawns, Deluxe Pork Chop Cutlet, or Grilled Silver Cod Fish with Miso Paste.

Any patron, whether a newcomer or a regular, knows that a dining experience at Ichikawa is not complete without trying the restaurant's signature dishes. These include Seafood Ramen in Spicy Soup and Angus Beef Ramen in Tomato Soup, with each soup base being a carefully guarded secret. Other specialties that rank high on the patrons' all-time favourites are the Diced Angus Beef Tenderloin with Rice in Hot Pot, the Assorted Seafood Hand-Made Udon in Hot Pot, the Pork Fillet Cutlet in Curry Sauce on Rice, and the Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl, and last but not least, the hearty veggie choices such as teppanyaki mixed greens and tempura vegetables. You can definitely add more to this list by visiting Ichikawa yourself.

In short, every aspect of the ICHIKAWA Japanese Restaurant represents the spirit of Bushido, from its prime location to its competitively-priced, top-quality cuisine, and from the classy ambience to the waiting staff's outstanding service. It is no surprise that ICHIKAWA has continued to attract new customers, and hosts countless numbers of returning patrons. ICHIKAWA is definitely the perfect dining venue for business, family and friends.

With the Bushido ethos driving ICHIKAWA to ever-higher standards in all aspects, our clientele will always enjoy a fine and fulfilling dining experience.

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